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Olive Oil In China

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summary: The import of olive oil increases fast in China According to the customs’ statistical data, these years


            The import of olive oil increases fast in China. According to the customs’ statistical data, these years China’s import olive oil increase rate is up to 100%. In 2008, China import olive oil is 11151 tons, the import amount is 51,966,100 USD. It increases 39.1% and 50% than in 2007. It main comes from Spain and Italy, import amount is 21,931,500 USD (4547.99 tons), 17187.6 USD (3727.18 tons) in 2008. It is about three quarters of total China import olive oil. Besides these two countries, China also imports the olive oil from Greece, Turkey and Australia.
           China edible vegetable oil consumption is 23,000,000 tons in 2007. It will be up to 30,000,000 tons in 2020. According to the international rate that olive oil is 3% of the total edible oil’s amount; the olive oil demand should be up to 700,000 tons per year and 900,000 tons in 2020. Now the olive oil consumption in China is one in ten thousand of the edible oil.
          At present, there are dozens of olive oil brands in China market. Spain’s Blanca, Aroblon, La Masia, Kangleshi, Italy’s Colawita, La Sansa , Greece’s Terra Creta, Agric and Huayuan, they are the main brands in China’s market. The import virgin olive oil is only 40%, most of them belong to refined olive oil and olive pomace oil, the grade level is not high. With the rise of the China consumption, for the requirement of the people’s health, the national edible oil expo will insist on making a great contribution to the high-end edible oil and the market’ development. We hope the famous olive oil’s brands come to China, and make a great contribution to the olive oil’s development and Chinese people’s health. The world will focus on China in 2013; China is a place to create a miracle. Welcome to the China (Beijing) International Healthy and Nutritious Edible Oil Expo!

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