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9th China Oil Expo will show in Shanghai

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summary:9th International Health Edible Oil and Olive Oil Expo will make a show in Shanghai Regarding safety, hea

 9th International Health Edible Oil and Olive Oil Expo
will make a show in Shanghai

Regarding “safety, health and nutrition” as the theme, positioning “combat counterfeit, casting high-end product,  8th China international high-end health edible oil and olive oil fair on April 7 to April 9, at China international exhibition center got a successful ending.
Relatively, 9th international high-end health edible oil and olive oil expo is under preparing, which keep up with the trend of the market development and to respond to the strong requirements of exhibitors. It will take place on October 20 to 22, 2013 at Intex Shanghai exhibition center. The organizing work has entered a hot stage.

As is reported, 9th Global Oil Expo will on the basis of exposition of the 8th global oil continues to invite several countries’s communities such as Tunisia, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco etc. to attend. The exhibition area also has a larger increase, aims to build the most authoritative and the most influential brand of oil exhibition in China
The 9th Global oil expo will use innovative ideas, from the perspective of depth and system service , set up a professional exhibition platform for oil industry.  Such as transport, hotel and printing service personnel reception, inside decorate, enterprise ‘s personalized media promotion, etc. It provides a more convenient platform for the exhibitors to communicate, and also provides the old and new exhibitors with more convenient platform for the promotion. so as to lead the consumers to the healthy new life
It is reported that the 9th global oil expo will set more than 300 booths. The exhibition scope covers the camellia oil, olive oil, walnut oil, flaxseed oil and other high-end edible oils, also nutritional peanut oil, soybean oil, nutritional edible oil and grape seed oil, coconut oil and other special healthy edible oil are  the first time to meet with the audience; In addition, the exhibition also exhibited various high-end flavor oil and various nutritional formula, as well as a variety of oil-bearing crops and oil industry equipment, etc
If you miss the grand Global oil expo in Beijing, let us hand in hand with the 9th International high-end health edible oil and olive oil expo at Shanghai international exhibition center show our glory together. 


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