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Exhibitors gave a high praise on the National Edible Oil Expo

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summary: It is reported that the 8thGlobal Oil Expo (time Apr 7th-9th; venue: China International Exhibition Center) has

Exhibitors gave a high praise on Global Oil Expo

It is reported that the 8th Global Oil Expo (time Apr. 7th -9th; venue: China International Exhibition Center) has achieved an unexpected effect. In three days, professional visitors’ number is near 30000, exhibitors also are beyond we expected. CCTV, BTV and many national media came to interview some exhibitors. The exhibitors show their happiness to the reporters.
Mr. Tu the president of Chengdu A Xin Biological Technology Co., LTD told the reporter: it is a successful expo, the propaganda materials, business cards and the sample products are far from enough for the high test visitors. Thanks the expo committee offers this chance for us; we will join the expo in next year. Mr. Tu introduced the “ A Shang Le Huo” nutritious edible oil’s excellent quality and mystical effect and called for all the edible oil enterprises doing the best effort to the people’s health.
Mr. Chen the manager of Gansu Yi Pin Hong Vegetable Edible Oil Co., TLD said that it is really incredible; we participated in many exhibitions and had been cheated. This time we just want to have a try, but the result is very good. We bring a big sum of martial. That is not enough for the clients. We comfily believe that our product will come to every people’s home. It will make a big effect for improving the consumers’ healthy condition. We also believe that the national edible oil expo will grow fast and stronger. We have made a decision taking part in the next Global oil expo again.

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