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The National Edible Oil Expo (2012) starts investment, thanks letter from Organ

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summary: -----The 8th Healthy Edible Fats Expo welcomes the friends from the edible oil area toChinaInternationalExhibition...

         -----The 8th Healthy Edible Fats Expo welcomes the friends from the edible oil area to China International Exhibition Center (the old address Beijing)
         Dear friends: China (Beijing) International Healthy and Nutritious Edible Oil Industry Expo (the National Edible Oil Expo) has established the project manager department. At present, business and investment promotional work for the event is well under way. On the arrival of the National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, I, on behalf the organizing committee staffs, wish you have a healthy body, everything goes well. May you succeed in business and have a happy family.
        You already know that the last China (Beijing) International Healthy and Nutritious Edible Oil Industry Expo (2011) (National Edible Oil Expo) has closed successfully on 9, May 2011 in China (Beijing) International Exhibition Center. The exhibition reached its unprecedented effect and the professional visitors’ number is up to 30,000. The exhibition won its unprecedented effect. As the only Edible Oil Industry Exhibition in China, the exhibition has showed the best quality products, the advanced technology, and the biggest market capacity as well as the best sales pattern and promotion mode. The Expo promoted the on-site inspection firstly in China. It built an assured edible oil consumer market and made a good contribution. The high-end edible oil became the highlight during the Expo, showing most of people have a rational level in demand of the healthy food. “Ai Shang Le Huo” nutritious edible Oil made by A Xin Biological Technology Co., LTD and “Kang Ji Fu Er” lycopene maize germ oil made by Nanjing Kang Fu Ji Fu Edible Oil Co., LTD are the two new products. The new products attracted people’s attention with their excellent quality. Since the 3rd International Edible Oil Industry Exhibition launched the on-site inspection edible oil related activities firstly in China, 33 brands edible oil produced by 30 producers joined sampling, and the qualified rate has been up to 100%. According to the experts’ assessment of organizing committee, finally there were 3 brands edible oil won the gold medals and 15 brands won the Health and Nutrition Edible Oil certificates. The leaders of state ministries, experts and celebrities in the related industry attended the exhibition and gave a high evaluation to the Expo. The exhibitors thanked the organizing committee and are willing to attend the 8th Edible Oil Exhibition in 2013.
         The expected 8th (2013) China (Beijing) International Health and Nutrition Edible Oil Industry Exhibition is going to be held on the No.3 hall of China International Exhibition Center from April 7th to 9th, in 2013. The 7th Oil Expo will take order of the third Edible Oil Expo good service concept, and improve or add more service content. Because of the Shanghai World Fair’s propelling, more international edible oil enterprises will attend the expo; the organizing committee decides to hold the International Edible Oil Industry Conference (2013) on April 7th to 9th. It is known that the 41st World Fair will be held ceremoniously on May 1st, 2010 in Shanghai. China will be the home the people from all over the world at that moment. Beijing as the great capital of the People's Republic of China is in charge of the reception, accommodation, sightseeing and business activities. The opening of the 8th Edible Oil Exhibition Industry Conference is not only the biggest event in the edible oil field, but also a unique developing opportunity for the edible oil industry. We believe thatChina International Exhibition Center will raise the height of the edible oil industry. Let’s look forward to the coming of the great moment together.
     The exhibition area will cover about 20,000 m2. This is also the biggest industry brand event in the edible oil industry. We warmly welcome the domestic and foreign friends’ continuous support to the Edible Oil Expo. We are willing to make the unremitting efforts for the development of oil industry.
 Advantages of the Expo: (for more information please check the official website: )
Thanks again for your support to National Edible Oil Expo; welcome to National Edible Oil Expo (2012) in Beijing

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