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Exhibitors applying for exhibition shall provide scanned copies of business license, food production or permit license, trademark use certificate, and the latest batch test report of products to the organizing committee for pre-qualification review. Exhibitors shall carefully fill in the Exhibition Application and Contract Form after selecting the booth, affix the official seal or contract seal, scan or mail it to the organizing committee of the conference, and the organizing committee shall review and confirm it and return it with seal. After receiving the exhibition application contract sealed and returned by the organizing committee, the exhibitors shall remit the full amount of the reserved booth fee to the bank account designated by the organizing committee within 5 working days. Late payment of the reserved booth will be cancelled. The organizing committee will adhere to the principle of booth allocation of first application, first payment and first confirmation. After receiving the booth fee paid by the applicant, the organizing committee will issue the exhibition fee invoice to the exhibitor. The organizing committee will have the right to adjust some confirmed booths according to the overall effect of the venue and the needs of safety and fire protection.

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