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1. From the Beijing Capital Airport to CIEC
** By Taxi: At about¥62.
**By the Airport Shuttle Bus: You may take the Airport Shuttle Bus at ¥16.- and get off at San Yuan Qiao Station, then change Bus No.300 or No.830, get off at Jing An Zhuang Station ( a stop close to CIEC).
2. From CIEC to Beijing Capital Airport
** By bus: You may take Bus No.20 (Capital Airport-Dong Zhi Meng) at Bus Stop Jing An Zhuang to the Capital Airport.
** Driving: You may drive southeast along the Beisanhuan East Road and go straightly about 1.8 kilometers to the Airport Highway. After about 18 kilometers'drive, you will arrive at the Capital Airport.
Go to CIEC by the Subway:
From Dong Zhi Men Subway Station to CIEC
Distance: about 3.88 kilometers 
By Taxi: at ¥15.-
By bus: take No. 966, get off at Bus Stop Shu Guang Li South.
Go to CIEC from the Beijing Railway Station:
From Beijing Railway Station to CIEC
Distance: about 15.22 kilometers
By Taxi: at ¥25.- 
By Subway: take subway at Beijing Railway Station, get off at Dong Zhi Men Station, then take No.966, get off at Bus Stop Shu Guang Li South.
From Beijing Railway Station West to CIEC
Distance: about 20.21 kilometers
By Taxi:  At about ¥40.-
By bus: take bus No. 387, get off at Bus Stop Bei Tai Ping Zhuang and then change Bus No.300, No.830, No.730 or No.731 to Bus Stop Jing An Zhuang.
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