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Healthy Life "Oil" Begins - Spain Imports HOJIBLANCA Olive Oil

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Core prompt:After more than ten years of development, the Chinese people& 39;s consumption concept of edible oil has undergone

After more than ten years of development, the Chinese people's consumption concept of edible oil has undergone revolutionary changes. The standard of people choosing edible oil no longer stays at the level of meeting the hygiene and safety standards, but also pays more attention to the health and nutrition of edible oil. Olive oil is a very common edible oil in daily life. Olive oil contains very high unsaturated fatty acids, rich in vitamins A, D, E, F and carotene, fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants, and does not contain cholesterol. The human digestive absorption rate is very high, so it is loved by everyone.



The world olive oil producers are concentrated in Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and other Mediterranean coastal countries. Spain's olive oil production and export rank first in the world, with an annual output of about 1.6 million tons, accounting for 50% of the world's total. Spain's “extra-virgin” olive oil is well-known in the world, so Spain is also known as the "world olive oil kingdom".



About White Leaf Extra Primary Olive Oil

Hojiblanca (White Leaf) is a high-end olive oil brand owned by Spain's professional edible oil company Dioleo Spain Group. It is a well-known high-end brand in Spain. It exports to more than 100 countries and regions and is loved by people all over the world. The production of olive oil is strictly controlled by each process, which is completely higher than the EU laboratory testing standards. Hojiblanca (White Leaf) has two products, one is high-end, the other is the top D.O.P. series.

Now Hojiblanca (White Leaf) extra new olive oil high-end series will be introduced to China, so that Chinese consumers can enjoy high-end quality olive oil.

DEOLEO S.A. (Dioleo Group) is a large Spanish group company, a member of the Spanish Olive Oil Industry and Export Trade Association (ASOLIVA), and a member of the Spanish Food and Beverage Industry Association (FIAB), with a professional testing laboratory and a professional tasting team.

One of the three bottles of “extra new olive oil” sold in Spain is produced by DEOLEO S.A. (Dioleo Group) and one of the four bottles of “extra new olive” oil sold in the international market is produced by DEOLEO S.A. (Dioleo Group).

Major brands (already introduced into China): Hojiblanca (White Leaf), Carbonell Compona, Bertolli Baidori, Carapelli Karapelli, etc. All the olive oil brands under the company exceed the European Union testing standards, among which Hojiblanca (White Leaf) “extra-virgin” olive oil stands out as a number of brands under the company. The best olive oil.

Physical Processing of White Leaf Extra Primary Olive Oil

White Leaf Extra Primary Press Olive Oil Selects Fresh Olive Fruits of High Quality. After physical cold pressing, the oil naturally separated from water and oil, without any heat treatment and chemical treatment, completely preserves the natural nutrients and active substances of Olive Fruits. It is a pure natural food and the only edible product extracted from fresh fruits. Its oil can be directly eaten.



High-quality Tree Species of White Leaf “Extra-virgin” Olive Oil

The maturity of tree species and olive fruits is the key to determine the quality of olive oil. Hojiblanca (White Leaf) is a world famous olive tree species, which is famous for its high quality. Hojiblanca (White Leaf) olive tree species, accounting for 1/4 of Spain's total and 1/16 of the world's total.

The olive fruit harvesting season is from the end of October to the beginning of March. The best harvesting time for white leaves is between the end of October and the middle of December.

The Mediterranean Sea is full of sunshine and humid air. Hojiblanca olive leaves are thick and green. They shine with dazzling white light in the sunshine, so they are called "white leaves”



Unique taste of white leaf “extra virgin” olive oil

White-leaf “extra virgin” olive oil has a soft taste. The first impression is sweetness. Then it has a light bitter and spicy taste. It has the unique green leaf flavor of olive oil. It has the flavor of figs and nuts. It has fresh and tender herbal flavor, artichoke and herbal aroma.


Quality Assurance of White Leaf Extra Primary Pressed Olive Oil


In order to ensure the quality of fruits, each batch of olive oil fruits has a certificate of origin, from picking to processing monitoring, to provide consumers around the world with quality and safety assurance of olive oil.

Quality assurance of Hojiblanca (White Leaf) “extra virgin” olives:

- The olive fruits guaranteed by Cordoba's high quality origin provide good quality.

- Artificial and mechanical harvesting was used to ensure the freshness of olives.

- Within 24 hours after harvesting, natural nutrition and flavor can be preserved by physical cold pressing.

- Strict quality control ensures that every bottle of white leaf “extra virgin” olive oil conforms to international standards.

- Mechanized automatic bottling equipment, each key link is closely controlled;

- Dark Bottle Body: Protect our “extra virgin” olive oil from light exposure;

- Storage Conditions: Olive oil is stored in a cool and dry place with low temperature and light shielding.



Hojiblanca (White Leaf) only specializes in the brand of “extra virgin” olive oil. Since its establishment, it has been characterized by its excellent quality, perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The masters of Hojiblanca (White Leaf) always insist on selecting the best fruits, finding out their unique natural flavor according to different local conditions and olive varieties, creating its unique characteristics and creating a “super-virgin” olive oil like art works.



On August 28-30, 2019, Hojiblanca (White Leaf) Super Primary Olive Oil China General Agent - Zhejiang Changqu Commercial and Trade Co., Ltd. will bring you delicious and healthy Spanish flavor olive oil. We will gather with you at the 22nd Shanghai International High-end Oil Expo, and invite people from all walks of life to visit, exchange, negotiate and cooperate with us to promote the Expo. Move the development of high-end edible oil industry




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