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Global Oil Expo sets up “health” for you

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Core prompt:2014 Shibowei-10th International High-end Health Edible Oil and Olive Oil Expo still opens at Beijing·China International Exhibition Center on Apr 8-Apr 10, 2014
  Health and Fashion for you together
                  ---Global Oil Expo sets up “health” for you

At present, the people not only focus on health, more and more people hope that can be more fashional on the basis of health. Especially the young women have more obsession with this direction. Could the fashion and health really be together? You can't have your cake and eat it too, otherwise, now the people hope to get them together. 
Nowadays, the concept of health is not only limited in the food safety or aerobic exercise, more people pay more attention to appearance, more attention to the combination of inner and outside health. Who said health can not get along with the charming appearance? United International Health Organization puts forward the concept of fashion and health, which makes more people cares this word. Otherwise, how to make health together with fashion? which is a topic deserves considering.
Shibowei-International High-end Health Edible Oil and Olive Oil Expo is organized by Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co.,ltd. With 10 years’ experience, it always regards”high-end” “health” as the participation brands. If high-end health edible oil makes your life have a higher quality, and help you eliminate the trouble of food safety, then it is olive oil must bring you more fashion and beauty. In the past exhibitions, most olive oils are directly from foreign countries that mainly produces olive oil. Their products not only includes edible olive oil, also includes some beauty olive oil, which attracts more ladies who love beauty!
The organizing work for Shibowei- 10th Global oil expo starts comprehensively. Until now, some companies from Turkey, Argentine, Spain, Australia, Greece and other countries have registered this exhibition. Among, Argentine government has participated this activity for three years, because on the exhibition the exhibitors reached the desired results!
With 10 years’ experience, Shibowei-Global Oil Expo takes place at same time and same place in Spring, so it plays an important role in oil industry. 2014 Shibowei-10th International High-end Health Edible Oil and Olive Oil Expo still opens at Beijing·China International Exhibition Center on Apr.8-Apr.10, 2014. To see is better than to hear, and to attend personally is better than to see, what are you waiting for? 10th Global Oil Expo will help you get fashion and health together, help you set up new concept of health. Our next exhibitor will be you!


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